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Ignite Jingles

Formats: CHR, HotAC, AC, Classic Hits

Payment: Cash / Paypal / Wire Transfer… Barter also available via TM Studios

Demo: Click on photo above and check out www.ignitejingles.com

Contact: www.ignitejingles.com or ignite@ignitejingles.com

We’re also on Facebook (www.facebook.com/ignitejingles), Twitter (www.twitter.com/ignitejingles) and Instagram (www.instagram.com/ignitejingles)

Inspired in the USA, created in the UK! Ignite Jingles was founded by Chris Stevens in 2011 after he returned to the UK after spending 5 years as TM Studios’ VP/Creative. Now, with clients around the world, Ignite specializes in creating memorable, effective jingle packages for radio stations that want to stand out. We get beyond the shiny demos to discuss how you’ll be using the jingles, where they’ll be used in your clocks, and what impression you want to give to your listeners.

Sung in multiple languages, for multiple formats, there’s nothing we love more than chatting jingles. Get in touch and let’s talk station sound!

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