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What’s the magic number?
Let’s get honest about VO page rates.

An equally important topic for those trying to get in the business and those already established.

For up and comers… you don’t want to risk charging too much and losing the gig. You also don’t want people hiring you because you’re cheap and only getting the gigs because you’re undercutting your peers. That’s not how you build a VO career.

And for the pros… you can charge more than the up & comers, but still want to remain affordable. Sometimes quantity is better than charging more per page. So what’s your magic per page average?

For the sake of the survey- Throw parameters out the window: retainers, font size, market size, etc- Remember- Your name is not on this. What’s the magic number? Results will be posted to the home page next week!

Up and Comers:
On average, how much do you charge to voice one page?

On average, how much do you charge to voice one page?

Bonus question:
What's the ULTIMATE VO gig?

Thank you! Results will be posted on the home page next week!

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