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SOUND FREQZ Volume One: An ear-grabbing collection consisting of over 100 tweaked-out sounders, stagers, audio attacks, assorted bed loops and a multitude of other audio workparts.  The price is $99. Demo: http://radioexpress.com/public/demo_audio/Sound_Freqz_Volume_1_Demo.mp3


SOUND FREQZ Volume Two:  A new, high-energy assortment of 125 modern audio imaging tracks.  Breakers, Combos, Drones, Impacts, Loops, Risers, Wipes & Anarchy Jingles.  The most current and affordable solution for freshening up your audio imaging.  The price is $199 or $150 for previous Sound Freqz buyers.

Demo: http://radioexpress.com/public/demo_audio/Sound_Freqz_Volume_2_Demo.mp3


Sound Freqz Urban AC:  Made specifically for imaging of any radio show or production that features the sounds of Urban AC, R&B and Classic Soul.  A diverse collection of elements for smooth transitions, along with elements that will give you punch and a little attitude when needed.  Rhythmic Beds with theme-based logo mix-outs, breakers, drones, impacts, risers, wipes, loops and plug-and-play combo shells make this a complete package for busy producers.  The price is $349 to $499 depending on market size.  Demo:  http://radioexpress.com/public/demo_audio/Sound_Freqz_UrbanAC_Production_Library_DEMO.mp3


SOUND FREQZ 80s is designed to support stations playing ’80s music as a full-time format or as a part of their programming.  Tons of plug-and-play elements to make life easy for the Production staff.  This 500-track Imaging package contains Anarchy IDs, Branding Logo Beds & Sweepers, Breakers, Combos, Impacts, Wipes, Drones, Risers, Loops, Bumpers, Drops, ’80s Song Montages, Pre-Looped & Edited Instrumental Beds from ’80s Hits, Staged Specialty Effects plus fun extras.  Price is $599.

Demo:  http://www.radioexpress.com/public/demo_audio/Sound_Freqz_80s_Library_Demo.mp3

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