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Losing a job you’ve been at for 20+ years is devastating. I speak from experience. 🙂

But after a few weeks in the fetal position, I remembered something…

I wasn’t finished.


I started missing the creative world. That drive and energy. That adrenaline. And I finally read the texts, posts and emails I’d received from all over the world. Support from strangers, friends, family, lawyers (LOL yes- they reached out, too!), etc.

And those messages from YOU reminded me of what I wanted. YOU are the people I want to be around. The people I look up to and admire. The talent that inspires me not just as a talent- but as a PERSON. Creative people thrive off each other! Because creativity isn’t business- creativity is passion. And passion is personal.

So this is what I know.

Creative people are some of the most caring, heartfelt to a fault, passionate, lonely, kind, inspiring, wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve PERFECT souls. And THOSE are the people I want to work with.

My lost and empty moments became an awakening.

What I’m about to present is the result of that awakening.

It’s called “The Imaging House”.

You see- Creative people are a whole different species. Our brains are wired differently. ‘Hurry up and be creative’ is a phrase that doesn’t work well with us. We are our own worst enemy. But when WE thrive- we change the world.

I wanted to create a place where creative souls feel inspired… energized… and needed. A home base for the creative mind.

For decades- I’ve had this idea in my head. And was recently given the freedom for it to come to fruition. An industry first. All of your voiceover and production resources under one roof… in one ‘house’.

Imagine the creativity that exists when handcuffs are removed and rules are broken. Imagine a place to cheer on your peers… AND YOURSELF. The Imaging House is that place.

From the major leagues to the minors. From getting your demo produced to learning about advanced music production. Learn from the pros… AND new talent.

I only built the house- it’s yours to live in.

This is my dream. This is my soul. And most importantly… this is MY heart.


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