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TM Studios, the legendary jingle production company in Dallas, has partnered with On The Sly, a boutique audio branding house in London, UK, to represent On The Sly Intros, Outros, and Power Starts to U.S. radio stations for cash and barter.

TM Studios’ legendary song INTROS service. Born at one of the biggest stations in LA – 104.3 myFM – they’ve become what some have called “the finest branded song intros in the known universe”.

David Wakefield, Director for On The Sly says, “For years we’ve been the secret weapon of major market stations by offering something that’s unique in their markets and that delivers maximum music flow. The recall of the branded songs is huge, and the listeners love them. We’re pumped to work with TM to bring this unique offering to more stations across the US.”

Since their launch in 2011, INTROS have gone on to conquer many of the world’s leading radio stations – and our clients love them! Take a listen, or better still WATCH our latest highlights above.

Greg Clancy, VP, Creative at TM says, “I became a huge fan of On The Sly the first time I heard their work in LA. It’s like an audio magic trick with the station imaging sewn into the songs in a way that only On The Sly can do. They also produce Outro, supplying stations with yet another innovative way to brand the songs and get perfect music flow. Adding On the Sly to our arsenal of audio branding services is a long-term vision that is happening now.”

Every Intro, Outro, and Power Start is custom-tailored to each station, allowing programmers total control over what songs are used in the launch and the monthly updates.  Every piece is unique, perfectly produced and delivered fully-mixed.


USA | Canada | Australia | China | Dubai | Thailand | Poland | Norway | Ireland | New Zealand | Sweden

Available for Cash or Barter in the U.S. from TM Studios

Contact: Chris Stevens VP Affiliate Management, TM Studios 972.406.6813 cstevens@tmstudios.com

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