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Join us at WWRS 2019, FRIDAY, MARCH 29 at 10:45a for our special two panels in one session: VO/PRODUCTION & IMAGING SESSION: The Perfect Symphony – Imaging & Voiceover The Soul Of Your Station

Creativity is not taught. You either have it or you don’t. And when you don’t — that’s where our panelists come in to play. These uniques sit in a studio by themselves, day after day, transforming the way listeners perceive your radio station. Whether it’s by voice or the perfect marriage of sound effect and music — all of our panelists exemplify the true meaning of “talent”. Typical business hours don’t apply to them because they’re working 24/7; The creative soul never stops. And when the perfect mix of Imaging & Voiceover join forces, a radio station’s personality is born. See what makes them tick in another WWRS 2019 two-part panel.

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