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From Rick Allen Creative Services

Absolute Imaging

Formats: CHR, Rock, Country, Urban, Hot AC


Available via Barter

Contact:  rick@rickallencreative.com

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Absolute Imaging™ – well over 20,000 tracks of powerful imaging and always adding new material.  We create elements with specific programming purposes in mind such as out-of-stop sets or music to music transitions that create “flow & forward movement.”.  Absolute Imaging™ is produced by award-winning radio legend Rick Allen whose proven track record includes radio stations in just about every part of the world and every format.  Not only a recognized leader in radio imaging, Rick also brings to the table his experience creating sounds for companies like Disney, HBO, Cartoon Network, Sony Pictures just to name a few.   Yet with all this recognition and experience, Rick always makes himself available.  He has a passion and love for radio imaging.  He personally answers emails and also picks up the phone.  Get a 2 week free trial at www.myAbsoluteImaging.com


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