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March 27, 2019

It was, truly, one of the most magical nights of the year. The Imaging House presented the first annual ‘The Creatives. Radio Voiceover/Producer Mixer’. The invite-only party welcomed guests from all around the world, some meeting face-to-face for the very first time. Thanks to Benztown and Atlas Talent for their support!

We’re already planning on ‘The Creatives.’ for 2020. Watch this space for info. Some photos of the event are below- find all of them on The Imaging House Facebook page.

K3 and Rachel McGrath

Howard Cogan (Jack FM voice), Jeff Thomas (Legendary Producer), Nick Daley (Eric Chase protege and prod genius) and K3 (Voiceover and Founder of The Imaging House)

The legendary Jeff Thomas and K3

Mirella, K3 and Rachel

Josh Jensen, Malcolm Ryker, Rachel McGrath and Luis from the MixGroup.

Ian Fish, Dave Bethell, Chris Stevens

Rick Allen, Joe D’Agostin, Gabriel Passajou, Denzil Lacey, Roberta Solomon, Enda Caldwell, Jessica D’Agostin. (in the very back are Sean Galbraith and Nick Draeger.

James Harness, KellyKellyKelly and Forrest Martin

Sylvia Villagran, Taylor Kaye, Amanda Madi

Front: Steve Taylor, Josh Jensen and Chris Stevens. Back: Luis Portuondo, Juan Tobar, Damon Oaks, K3, Chad Erickson, Omar Fajardo, Ricky Meyer, Heather Mann Foster, Dave Bethell and Ian Fish.

Cayman Kelly, Joe Cipriano and Issa Lopez

Gabriel Passajou, Denzil Lacey and Drake Donovan

Aaron Landon, Sylvia Villagran, Jeff Berlin, Joanna Moore Stadwiser and Brian Cooney

Dom Evans, Brenden Tacey, Sam Wickens and Emma

Brandon Anjeleno, Malcolm Ryker, John Frost, James Harness

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