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DeffMixx Productions (demo v/o by Kirk LaFontaine)

Formats: Urban, UrbanAC, CHR, Old School, Afrobeat, Caribbean… also specialized in Power Intros, Beatmixes & Concert Commercials

Payment: Western Union

Demo: Click on photo above

Contact: deffmixx@gmail.com

VO:  VO can be included if client requests such, as well as Station can provide their own VO.

Turnaround Time for 10 sweepers: almost immediately once VO is already recorded.

My name is Roderick Mathias, also known as DeffMixx. I am from the Caribbean islands of Trinidad & Tobago. Been a Radio Imaging producer since 1995. I’m skilled in DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) Ableton Live & Pro Tools. Specialized in Beatmixes & Power Intros as well as Concert Ads, Corporate & anything else dealing with audio.


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