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Ten years ago today- we lost the great Brian James.

Photo by Rick Allen https://www.facebook.com/rickallencreative

I remember getting the call from Rick Allen like it was yesterday. We were in complete shock. A few minutes ago- Rick and I were reminiscing about Brian and the classic stories.

“Jessica Simpson and a glaaaaaaaaaaaazed donut.”

When I got into radio imaging- I used to crank call Brian. LOL I saw his ad in the back of an R&R and called until I heard his voice- then got scared and hung up! This happened a few times. I eventually told him when we started working together!

When I got to KDWB replacing the legendary David ‘DC’ Christian, Brian and I had our first ISDN session. The box was in the engineering room so I’d have to run out to dial and run back to see if the right pots were turned up. When I came back into the studio, a few minutes had passed so I turned the volume up thinking maybe he was there and I just couldn’t hear him. And then it happened- BOOMING from the speakers…… very slowly… “So YOU’RE THE ONE who threw DC under the bus.” I swear I almost wet my pants. It scared the crap out of me. I may have cried. LOL!! It was classic Brian and we spent six years laughing and drumming up massive ISDN bills.

“The password…………….. is BEAVER.”

And then there’s the classic drinking sessions. Brian said he didn’t drink. So when everyone toasted and tossed back a shot- He was throwing it in the planter behind him.

Maybe a year had passed. Rick and I went to visit Brian’s grave and noticed there was a marker but no headstone. Only a piece of paper covered in plastic overgrown by grass. So Rick and I paid for and designed his headstone so his friends and family knew where to visit.

We miss you Brian. Every day.

Rick has so kindly shared Brian’s LEGENDARY Power Pig imaging below. If you haven’t heard it- listen. And if you didn’t know Brian- let us introduce you to one of the greatest guys and voices who has influenced radio imaging and voiceover today:

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