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Template sessions are here!

Download here: https://www.audiosweets.com/asx

Brand new and available from AudioSweets ASX, 3 ‘template’ imaging sessions created by some of our imaging guys for use in Logic, Pro Tools and Adobe Audition.

Now before I explain what we have done, this is not ‘THE WAY TO DO IMAGING – by AudioSweets’ ok!

The great thing about the creative art of imaging, is that there is no right or wrong way of doing it. It’s what sounds right for you and the brand/station/show you are working on.

We have had many requests over the years asking how we get our sound. Well it’s like KFC and the secret spices!

There is:

1. the DAW

2. the plugins

3. the chicken

4. the sounds

5. and the producer!

We know everyone uses different DAWs which is why we have created template sessions in Adobe Audition, Pro Tools and Logic.

We can’t guarantee you have the same plugins as us which is why we have created an ‘internal plugin’ version for you using the stock compressors, limiters, filters, eqs etc.

We can’t send you chicken.

The sounds we use you can buy from ASX or via AudioSweets.com

Our producers are super busy and have egos….you don’t want them really!!

So the idea is this! Open it up. Have a play around. Tweak settings. Add bits. Remove bits. It might just help you better your sound, make you think about your session or start the journey to a new session! Plus it’s free and nothing is free anymore so!!

We hope it helps a bit!

Rob x

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