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It’s a very rare occasion when two top talents in the radio imaging world release a project like this. It’s called the ‘Steve Stone Sonic Surivival Kit, V1’. Produced by Justin Dove. Let’s let them tell the story.

Steve- tell me about Justin.

Justin is an independent imaging producer and sound designer based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Justin- tell me about Steve.

He’s a greasy cave man, that never brushes his cave teeth. hahaha. Sorry Trailer Park Boys TV show reference there from way back! Steve will laugh at that. Steve is literally one of the most humble and smartest guys in the broadcast business that I know. I first heard Steve’s work long ago during his time in New York and the Howard Stern days of K-ROCK. Over the years, we kept in contact. I finally got to work with Steve more directly via my imaging work in Canada, as well as with Entercom in the US. Steve is not only brilliant in a creative/business sense – he’s also an amazing family man and a great friend. One of the real true pros in our business!

When did you meet?

Steve: We’ve worked together off and on for years. Justin has produced my voice for 95.7 The Game in San Francisco and 90.3 AMP in Calgary. We met in person a few years ago when Justin and his wife, Karla, came to Pittsburgh to spend a weekend with us. He’s a great guy and an immense talent.

Justin- you produced for this project. Steve- it has your name on it. How did you come up with the concept?

Steve: I’ve been thinking about this for a few years at least. I’ve always wanted an imaging library that had my name on it. That I was proud to use and promote. I first mentioned it to Justin last year. I knew he was looking for a sound design project and I thought this might be a great partnership. He knocked it out of the park and here we are.

Justin:  After I walked away from my day job here in Canada – Steve approached me about this concept. Asked if I was interested in making a sound design package that he could get behind. I was totally game and it got me excited! Producing short form music and sound design always works my brain a little different than producing radio imaging. I like taking on things now and days that are outta the norm. It’s the challenge I needed and it came at the perfect time. So I dusted off the Komplete keyboard, and went to work. I’d hardly call it work, though. More fun than anything else!

Sell us the library. Why should stations/freelancers buy it?

Steve: This library is a great start to building your station’s image. These are high quality workparts and efx and a fantastic price point. Everyone can get these and be off and running in minutes. This first library for us is a great kit for any format. Works really well for Rock, CHR, Sports. Anything you need some punch with. I really wanted to start with V1 as a great sampler of what’s to come. Plus, it’s buy out and great for indy producers. People working on podcast imaging, YouTube channels, social media production etc.

Justin: With this package you get 200 high quality pieces. Over 61 music beds. From EDM, string, guitar and Moog based. We also hit ya over the head with well over 100 elements. From impacts, starters, indents and guitar work parts. It’s basically a full imaging kit, spanning across a variety of different formats. If you’re an imager who’s doing multi formats or a ton of freelance based work – THIS IS the package for you. Everyone always worries about where you can and cannot use music beds and work parts. With this package, you don’t have to worry. You buy and you can use it on what you’re working on! We make it easy for you.

It says ‘Volume 1’. Is this the first of many?

Steve: Oh yeah. I have five volumes already planned and hopefully more. Justin is gonna be busy!

Justin: Plans are already in the works for more. Any excuse I can find to work with Steve, keep playing around and discovering more in the world of sound design is just fine by me.  Believe us, this is the first of many. I’m super excited for what is ahead! It’s gonna be a ton of fun!

How has support been from the imaging community?

Steve: Everyone is really liking it. It’s top quality and again, at an accessible price. Lots of love from our friends on this.

Justin: Support has been amazing thus far. There’s still a real strong appetite out there for high quality sound design and music beds that are royalty free. With this package, we offer that! There’s a certain piece of mind that comes when producing and having work parts you can use when you want, and on whatever you want.

Tell us where/how much/ etc.

Super simple. Head to https://www.sonicsurvivalkits.com/ Purchase price is $59 US. Once ya do that, we’ll send you a direct link as to where to download. All high quality .WAV files.

If you’re looking for unique work parts with a variety of styles – “Steve Stone – Sonic Survival Kit – V1” is for you! We can’t wait for you to download it and start building great imaging.

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